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The safety and wellbeing of your child is paramount. 

We operate strict codes of practice in order to safeguard all children and young people who follow singing classes with Sing Salon.

We have a responsibility to promote wellbeing for all students in a learning environment which is safe.

We will seek to safeguard children and young people by:

  • Making sure all of our staff are fully DBS checked

  • Always having a first aid trained member of staff on site

  • Adhering to strict health and safety guidelines

The ethos of Sing Salon is to make sure we:

  ●  Value, listen to and respect all students 

  ●  Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

  ●  Create a stimulating, friendly and safe learning environment

  ●  Encourage each individual to explore and develop their creativity through                       singing and teamwork

  ●  Facilitate learning at the highest level

  ●  Provide inspirational teaching from an experienced and qualified professional

We strive to attain the highest standards of:

  ●  Teaching and learning

  ●  Communication with students and parents/carers

  ●  Safety


To achieve the highest levels of focus and concentration we ask that students:

  ●  Are on time and well organised

  ●  Have good manners

  ●  Show respect for themselves and for others

  ●  Turn off mobile phones and keep them in a bag during class

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