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Head of Department, Belgian Buildings Agency - Regie der Gebouwen - Régie des Bâtiments

I have taken part in a number of workshops with Rachel, including close harmony. The result she achieves in a short space of time is unbelievable, even with a diversly composed group (basic and advanced level).  I recommend a workshop with Rachel for anyone who loves singing


Leader with MFC De Hagewinde

​Rachel is a great singing coach. Kind, friendly, open and enthusiastic are the words I would use to describe Rachel the best.

With her encouragment, unsure notes gradually become more secure. Warming up sessions are delivered very creatively (singing sirens was never so much fun!). In short, Rachel knows how to raise the level of a group in an entertaining and natural way. 


Differentiation Selling® - Sales Trainer & Coach

I know Rachel to be a top singing coach when she is leading the Saint Barbara parents choir. What an experience! If you would like to feel like a singing star too, contact Rachel: she will reveal your hidden talents. Not only does she have the skill to motivate us to sing at our best, her coaching style also creates a real team spirit. If you as an organization need an effective team coaching: consider organizing a singing workshop. Your team will feel united and work in harmony.

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