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Singing groups, workshops, pop up choirs.  Check out some of our past events. 
Any new ideas? 
Let us know...

Singing Groups

If your singing group needs an injection of energy or simply a bit of a change, invite Rachel as a guest leader. All the requirements of the group can, of course, be discussed in advance. In addition to learning an array of singing tips and exercises, you will be assured of a great time!

Cellar Singers Wedding


We have hosted a wide range of themed workshops in the U.K. and Belgium over the years and have recently set sail with Theatrical Adventures cruises.

Keep your eye out for the next one!  


Pop Up Choirs

We have hosted a number of pop up choirs, usually brought together to raise money for charity. 

Over the course of 3 or 4 rehearsals we create a programme ready to perform. 

The style and songs are completely dependent on what the group requests and a good time is guaranteed!

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