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Rachel has been the director of the Youth Company productions at the International Gilbert and Sullivan since 2019. She is also creator and director of RHOK Show which provides young people with a 'Boot Camp' approach to learning about opera. The week-long courses consist of singing, dancing and acting workshops leading to a public performance on the final afternoon. 


The Pirates of Penzance

Youth Production 2023
International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

Over just 8 days, Rachel worked with an amazing creative team at the G&S festival, to produce a fully-staged and costumed production of Pirates of Penzance, accompanied by members of the National Gilbert and Sullivan Orchestra! 

You can still sign up to sing in the chorus of the 2024 production of The Sorcerer!

Youth Opera Boot Camp 2024

Belvedere Academy, Liverpool

Over the course of 5 days. RHOK Show worked with a group of young people, some of whom were singing opera for the first time. Dance, stage craft and singing sessions were part of each day, leading to a public performance with music by Bernstein, Humperdinck, Gilbert and Sullivan and more!



Youth Production 2022
International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival

The Youth Production offers an amazing opportunity for young people to learn about theatre, opera, singing and acting, and of course to be part of this amazing Festival. Many of our young people have gone on to have outstanding careers in the world of theatre and music and there is no doubt that Gilbert & Sullivan is the ideal introduction to opera and musical theatre.

Youth Opera Boot Camp 2023

Belvedere Academy, Liverpool

Our first foray into our Youth Opera Boot Camp was a great success with participants and audience alike! An intense, fun-filled week of singing, acting and dancing, led to a public performance with musical numbers including by composers Bizet, Wagner, Handel and Rossini!

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