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Singing is an holistic experience. Each voice and therefore each individual's vocal journey is unique. 

The benefits of singing are endless and the earlier you start, the better!

At Sing Salon Saturdays we guarantee to challenge and stimulate your child, all in the name of singing!

In a typical class we will focus on:

∙ Warmups and vocal exercises to prepare the body and voice for singing

∙ Breathing and relaxation techniques to improve breath management and posture

∙ Work on a range of repertoire and styles including musical theatre and classical singing

∙ Performance skills to develop understanding and communication of text. 

When learning as part of a group, my aim for each student is to gradually develop their voice, musical knowledge, performance capabilities and overall wellbeing. These are in addition to accessing and improving a whole host of skills that learning to sing and music have to offer. Click here to discover the many benefits of singing.

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Rachel is a member of the Musicians' Union

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