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My Method​


Singing is a holistic experience and it takes each individual person on a different journey.  

A good vocal technique requires time, focus and energy, no matter what your age!  

My speciality working one to one with pupils, lies in the classical style: song, oratorio, opera and operetta.  

If you are looking for somebody to help develop and enhance your voice, performance capabilities and general wellbeing, then contact me for a consultation lesson. 

Each voice is unique. Due to the ambiguous nature of the singing voice (we can't even see the instrument!), this learning trajectory can sometimes be a rather complex one as there are so many different elements to consider when singing. 

In a typical lesson we will focus on:

∙Vocal exercises to develop the voice

∙Breathing and support techniques

∙Vocal focus, projection and intonation

∙Work on a range of repertoire

∙Performance and artistry

Depending on the individual, I usually only give private lessons to children from age 11 upwards.

I also offer entry into the international ABRSM singing examinations (

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, my teaching techniques can help you to fulfil your potential and progress and flourish as a singer.

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